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  • in my comments template fields Name, email & Website & comment boX

    i want to remove website field from it !
    want to show only name , email & comment text-box
    i already delete the field website from comments.php in my theme

    but still website field is there in comments

    please suggest how can i remove that field from comments.

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  • Ha – I’m having the exact same problem. I have a ‘comments.php’ file in my theme, but no matter what I edit in there it’s always showing the ‘default’ theme comment form. Guess I won’t hold my breath 🙂

    But when i use single-x.php for a separate category
    e.g. for category id=40 i used single-40.php

    opening single post for 40 category new modified comments template shown
    i.e. without website field(which i modified in theme)

    How can i set modified comment form to all other posts & categories also?

    The form is created by your theme. To modify it, you have to find it in your theme and remove it. Simple as that, really.

    Normally, the form is shown by the comments.php file, but depending on the theme structure, it could be anywhere.

    yes i removed & modified the theme file comments.php

    problem is:
    only single-40.php display modified comments form template
    while single.php for all posts shows the old comment template

    Hello friends

    Anybody found solution?

    You CANNOT just remove/rename a PHP file from your theme, and the PHP file you call single-40.php is not a standard WP accepted file name. Since you choose not to include a link to your site there is little can be done to even try to help. I suggest you read the codex on templates.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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