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    I’m working on my first WordPress site (using 2.0 RC1).

    I don’t want commenters to be able to use <b> and <i>, rather strong and em. I opened up wp-includes/kses.php and modified the $allowedtags array to take out those two entries. My comment page is no longer showing them as allowed tags, but if I put them in it is allowing them to be added.

    Furthermore, I just tried the <sub> and <sup> tags and they were allowed through.

    I just want to allow a few tags. WordPress does a good job of creating paragraphs on its own, and beyond that I just want people to be able to do a few things.

    Is there a way to get wordpress to only allow a few tags through on comments? If not, should I be looking at another syntax or plugin? I know there is stuff like Markdown and Smarty Pants, but I am totally new to this part.

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  • You know, I meant to post this in troubleshooting. Thats what I get for posting at 5am in the morning.

    A moderator can feel free to move it, I probably will get a better response in the troubleshooting forum and dont want to double post.

    Ok, solved it my self.

    I should of realized it was letting me use whatever tags I want because I was logged in as the administrator.

    I blame coding at 4am.

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