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  • I have been searching for a way to moderate all first blog posts published to any new site on the multisite network. I am finding nothing that will do this specifically: Hold any first post on a new site of the network for review and approval by a super admin.

    BACKGROUND: Tripawds is the largest online support community for amputee pets and their people. We offer free blogs for people to share their dog and cat amputation stories, photos and tips. Recently we have had numerous new spam blogs created by users who publish their first post filled with spam links. We delete these sites as soon as we see them, but this gets embarrassing since all posts on the network are auto-shared to our social media channels.

    NOTE: We already run the Anti-Splog plugin to prevent bots from creating blogs and block site creation or posting certain content based on keywords. This works great for that but does not, however, stop real people from posting all spammy content. I have considered the Content Monitor and Moderation plugins from WPMU Dev, but neither of these actually hold the first post for review.

    In a perfect world, WordPress would have a built-in function for moderating first posts on new blogs. Other than that, a plugin would be great for notifying the super admin of any first blog post on a new site and allowing them to approve it (with all future posts allowed), or delete the site and user.

    Anybody figured out a way to do this? Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!

    Thank you in advance for your feedback.

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Maybe something like one of these, network activated and somehow modified to require the super admin to intervene to approve and then step out of the way after the first approval.

    Also, You might want to look at the underlying code to the comment moderation system as that does what you want where a ‘user needs to have a comment approved’ then they can comment from then on.

    You’ll see that in the Dashboard –> Settings –> Discussion area.

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