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  • Hi all.

    I am shortly due to launch the new version of my site on WordPress, but need to know how to migrate all of the articles I currently have. My current site was designed using a custom built CMS and I would like to have all of the current articles available in the new design on WordPress. Is this possible?

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    Volunteer Moderator – lists of what can be imported into WordPress.
    At the very least import via RSS feed –

    I’m having a bit of a problem with this. When I try to import the rss file which I’ve saved from IE and is .xml file, I get the error it cannot find the ID. What do I do?



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    We need to go back to source, i.e. your original site. Double check if your RSS validates –
    If it does not validate, it needs be fixed otherwise it won’t be imported to WordPress. Fixing can be simple as search and replace items or going over each item one by one.
    If it validates, site url?

    Can anyone help – I’m trying to Import from Blogger to WordPress. Haven’t done it for a while (several months)/ now it says it’s ‘Importing’but ‘0’ = ‘0’ both side of panel – the Broadband light blinks as though uploading or downloading (no other activity going on) – left it on over night and most of morning before trying to ‘Import’ again. The ‘O’ – ‘0’ still shows for number of blogs… there are nearly 600 Posts on 1 Blog.
    I am using the FTP on Blogger – I’m thinking might just be best to drop WordPress and stay on Blogger – would like to have both – Any Ideas please?




    I had the same problem and read somewhere that blogger blogs on FTP publishing won’t import this way. You may have to switch to a blogspot domain temporarily and do the import. Or try exporting an xml backup from settings->backup and import into a new blogspot blog. Then try to connect to it from WordPress importer.

    There may be other issues like permalink compatibility which I am still searching a solution for

    How to Migrate your Blog from Blogger to WordPress

    is a good read.

    Will tell you if I solve completely

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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