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    Hi everybody,

    I’m quite new to this forum but “not so quite new to wordpress”.
    I’ve got an issue regarding to mobile development.
    On desktop, first level (very first) menus can either link to a page or dropdown to submenus. Those submenus can also dropdown to other (what I will call) sub-sub-menus.
    As in this example below :

    My company
    ->about us
    –>the company
    –>our history
    ->Our chart

    On desktop, there’s no problem, it works well, but let just imagin we want to display this menu with three levels on mobile. If we click on “My company”, it drops down and opens a div with “about us” and “our chart”, but then, if we want to drop down “the company” and “our history” inside about us, we lose the link where “about us” were supposed to go.

    There are a few solutions as the jquery void:0 on a link, or the # in the WP admin to create “non clickable” links… but let’s assume that we want second and third levels menus to be clickable… it won’t be possible as second level menus will drop down…
    Is there any way to “merge” second and third level menus, just using first level navigation to drop down to second and third navigation (merged)

    Thanks a lot 🙂 !

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  • You can use the same HTML layout and style it differently on smaller windows. Most themes do this, because at the server the device is not known. And it’s not really fair to the user to give them different menu choices based on their device.
    Take a look at themes in the WP repository for how they handle menus. Be careful that the end result is still accessible to all users (those using screen readers and keyboard navigation, etc.)

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    Thanks a lot !

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