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  • Hi,

    I activated “category to tag converter” plugin only to find that my categories were deleted.

    I quickly deactivate “category to tag converter”, but alias, my old post are now are uncategorized.

    How can I add back the categories in the quickest time?
    I am tiring out editing each post one by one.
    Is there any method or plugin, for e.g, that I can select/tick on those post and assign the category to those many post?

    Your advise in this is much appreciated.

    James Yee

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  • Hi James,

    You can edit more than one Post:

    1. Select the check box next to the posts you want to edit
    2. Choose “Edit” from the Bulk Actions drop down menu
    3. Click the Apply button
    4. Choose the category/categories you want to assign to your posts
    5. Click the update button

    Hope this helps!

    Hi ChristiNi,

    Thank you so much for your quick advise.

    But sorry, it can’t work.
    When I follow your advise, the following shows:
    I tried again after setting permission to 777, same error appears

    WordPress database error: [Duplicate entry ” for key 2]
    INSERT INTO wp_terms (name,slug,term_group) VALUES (‘:’,”,’0′)

    WordPress database error: [Duplicate entry ” for key 2]
    INSERT INTO wp_terms (name,slug,term_group) VALUES (‘:’,”,’0′)

    Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home2/richway/public_html/ in /home2/richway/public_html/ on line 897


    What’s wrong?

    Await your advise.
    James Yee

    Hi James,

    Please do not set any of your folders or files to 777. This is a security risk. So the first thing you will want to do is set your file permissions back.

    Once you have done that, try disabling plugins and/or switching to the default theme as the error you are reporting is often caused by an issue with a plugin.

    Hope this helps!

    Try my new plugin:
    This plugin lists all your posts and displays checkboxes for all your currently registered categories. You can check or uncheck categories and then hit any one of the submit buttons and your posts will be put into the categories you’ve chosen.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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