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  • I’m looking for ideas on how to easily mark items as ‘SOLD’ in the catablog. My client would like to continue to display custom items after they are sold to generate interest by other buyers in having him create a similar item.

    I’m thinking of coding a template to check to see if any items in the currently displayed category on a catablog page is also in a ‘sold’ category, then display an overlay banner marking it as sold.

    Does catablog have any sort of internal mechanism to accomplish this?

    Thanks in advance. Great plugin.

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  • Hello invision-studios, at the present moment from what I know there is no feature for you to mark an item as sold as such. The only way that I know to achieve this without hacking the code or writing new code is by adding the word ‘Sold’ to the item in the description or as part of the heading. With this in mind you would still be able to publish your item but as a sold item thus allowing interest to be generated.

    I hope that puts you on the right track.

    Kind regards

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