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    I worry about the enlarged images of our artwork and photographs being saved and used without permission. Who do I mark them copyright to help prevent that? Can I lock the enlargements so they can not be copied or downloaded?

    Thank you.

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  • How to protect images of artwork and photography?

    Not a Theme issue. Try Googling it – there’s lots of info around.

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    Can I lock the enlargements so they can not be copied or downloaded?

    No. One important constraint of using the Web is that the content you put on there can be downloaded. If you don’t want an image downloadable don’t put in on the Web.

    There are widgets that you can add that will help prevent the copy methods, ie: right click, print screen… that kind of stuff. Search for that

    Thank you dustin campton! You and the HostGator tech support both have recommended this widget and I am using it!

    Andrew Nevins, if your answer above was accurate, there would be no photographers’ or artists’ websites on the web. How would they support themselves if everybody could copy their artwork and print it for themselves? Fortunately there are ways to protect copyrighted works.

    Novices who are only doing the artwork for fun and don’t need any income probably don’t care, but most of us can not give away our work and survive. Other businesses who sell on the internet are usually not selling printed material. Even e-books are protected.

    I am glad you are not right.

    rdellconsulting. Thank you for your response. I did not realize about the “theme” issue, I am sorry. I did receive help from the HostGator support tech on setting up and using a widget that blocks the right click features on wordpress.

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    @susielee, It wasn’t my opinion. I was describing how the Web operates. It sounds like you have an issue with the way the Web works, therefore it may be better to consider not using the Web.

    Andrew, there are plug-ins that somewhat change the way the web works, and will block downloading or saving media files. That is what the fineart websites use.

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    Could you post a link to a plugin in case people in the future want this solution?



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    Fortunately there are ways to protect copyrighted works.

    There are only 2 ways to stop image theft:

    1. Don’t upload images to the web in the first place.
    2. Upload only watermarked images. This will not stop theft 100% but will reduce it.

    Andrew is 100% correct – but then he is a web professional. All of these “disable right click” etc scripts are pointless. They can all be circumvented. There isn’t a plugin on the planet that can “change the way that the Web works”.

    There are quite a few listed, but the HostGator tech recommended this one for WordPress media.

    I’m with @andrew and @esmi for what its worth…

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    Susielee, I illustrated this issue with an artist recently on and he threatened to sue me because I demonstrated as an example how you can save all the images on a page in 5 seconds. No hacks needed.

    I can understand where you’re coming from.

    I’m not trying to be righteous, but someone is going to lose out if you use one of these plugins. It’s going to be either the user, you or both.

    We’re trying to help by preventing this.

    I recommend watermarking images just like Esmi, and just like high-quality image distributors on the Web do.

    Theme Diva and Andrew are probably right about the web, a persistent web-nerd thief will circumvent, but at least honest people will be prevented from abusing copyright material.

    If a person needs to do business today, you almost have to be on the web.

    The suggest for watermarking the images before up load is a good one! Thank you.

    Life did not used to be this complicated back in the 50’s and 60’s… but then we didn’t have home computers then either! I worked with computers as big as moderate houses!

    Thanks to all for your input.

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