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  • I have a rather complex site. It needs to use subdomains and subdirectories. But the problem with using WordPress as MU for subdomains is that they are virtual. I need to have other scripts using that subdomain at the same time.

    For example: (for the blog)

    So you can see the issue. Right now I don’t know how to manage the “cars” directory since WP would need to be installed in the www and then virtually use the cars subdomain to create the blog on that subdirectory. But I also need to create a directory within cars to install a directory that will run there and also a forum. And then there may be blogs in other subdomains.

    Unfortunately this would seem to necessitate multiple WordPress installs. I wonder whether there is an easier way to manage this or whether there is a plugin that can synchronize all the users since I don’t want to have users needing to register for each part of the site. Single Sign ON would be ideal but I’m guessing this wasn’t part of the original plan for WP. Anyone have ideas on structure?

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  • Krishna



    Yes, you are trying a typical structure. If something like a multisite setup won’t suit you, you may go ahead with what you planned. I think the plugin you spotted would be ideal for what you plan.

    Krishna –

    I’m not sure if WordPress will function properly in subdomains that are actually created physically. I believe that it has worked in the past but I wonder whether it’s asking for trouble.

    Thanks for the SSO plugin. It looks relatively new and so far no complains (although only a few hundred downloads.) For SSO, I don’t think it synchronizes the databases so I’ll need to be able to have WP somehow do that across multiple installs if that’s the route we need to take.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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