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  • Thanks to everyone in advance for reading and helping.

    I have built an e-commerce website using WordPress and Woocommerce. I will be cloning this website to have a total of 8 identical websites for different countries. The project manager will be managing the sites after I have implemented them in the 8 countries. The only differences between these websites will be the language, currency, and price. I would like to implement in such a way that managing these websites is easy and backing up is also easy because the manager is not a developer but knows their way around WordPress enough.

    The first method is to manage the sites locally, back up the files using private repositories for each site and backing up the databases using the WP Migrate DB Pro plugin. When changes are made to the site, deploy the sites automatically from the repos to a staging site (or directly to the main site) on the hosting server. I am not sure whether the project manager will understand version control using the Sourcetree software.

    The second method is to manage the sites using a plugin made to manage multiple websites such as ManageWP or InfiniteWP. I have used InfiniteWP before and it is an absolute headache to work with because of the errors I would get while setting up my websites. I ended up giving up on that company because the support was absolutely rubbish. I am quite reluctant to use any of these plugins but if I have to, then I will maybe give it another go.

    I want to know what you think of my methods and whether you have better solutions.

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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