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    How would I make a category an actual page? I have my nav/page lists in the header but I also want to have categories which I would like to be pages as well and not posts. So when I make a post and select the category it opens into a new page.

    I’ve read the forums with similiar questions but It’s not really clear to me.

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  • I guess I don’t know what you mean by actual pages. For instance, all my category pages have actual URL with permalinks such as:

    Do you mean hardcoding those URL’s into your navigation or mean having the content page where it actually says:

    Welcome to the Sports page! BLAH BLAH BLAH?

    If you require something like that, you can check out some of the ideas in:


    Hi Trent… Thanks for responding.

    The permalinks sounds like it might work — I’ll look into it.

    Any tips on how to best set that up?

    Categories already have permalinks by now, but it depends on whether you have permalinks or not. Check out:


    smk2004 if I’m understanding you correctly, it’s what Trent is saying, there is automatically a webpage for each category.

    Depending on your theme there’s usually a list of clickable categories in the sidebar. It sounds like you might be saying you want the Category links to be included in your header navigation, and sometimes header nav (in some themes) is automatically based on Pages (with a capital “P”) which are WordPress pages, that aren’t posts. So if you can clarify if you just want to find the URL’s of your category pages that already exist, or if the trouble is putting these links in your nav, that’ll help get more of an answer, if Trent’s links didn’t already solve this.

    Sorry — I’m a bit challenged on trying to explain what I am trying to do.

    I just want to be able to write a post but not have it land on my home page. In other words make my posts into links and nonetheless pages of their own. So basically I want to use my category links like pages. Because I already have one set for my navigation/pages published I don’t want to extent that section but rather use my categories for additional pages. Is this possible? I’m looking into the whole permalink thing and so far I’m not getting it but I will keep trying.

    In the meantime, I’m certainly open to any other suggestions…

    If you post into certain categories that you want these posts in, but not listed on the main page, that is really quite easy.

    1) Post into the category that you want these posts in
    2) Exclude categories from main page from being viewed.

    There are several examples in these forums of not viewing certain categories on the main page. That would be easiest. Do a search on that and that might be a start!


    Thanks but the forums seem to take me in circles regarding this topic. I can’t seem to find the exact answer. 🙁

    How exactly do I exclude a post from being view on my main page but have it posted on a separate page that can be viewed by clicking the category link. I want my category links to act as an actual webpage.

    the Loop

    If you want to exclude posts from the index page, there’s your answer. As for making each post it’s own page – well, let’s just say I’m a bit confused on what you’re trying to accomplish, exactly? Are you wanting a static index page? That’s fairly easy, as well.

    I guess if you told us what it is you’re trying to do, it might make it easier to offer up suggestions?

    How exactly do I exclude a post from being view on my main pag
    Category Visibility plugin:

    but have it posted on a separate page that can be viewed by clicking the category link
    That happens out of the box – without your intervention.

    Basically I am trying to set up two different sets of navigation. I have my main page nav bar located in my header and I would like to have another separate set of nav links in my sidebar. I’m trying to figure out how to utilize my categories section to do the same thing as my “pages” section does. But no matter what I do when ever I make a post it obviously appears on my home page when even when I select the category I want it to go to. I only want each post to appear in a particular category/page.

    I know this has got to be some simple thing but I’ve been stumped on it for days now and starting to feel bogged down.:-(

    Maybe the better solution would be to have two separate nav/pages sections but it doesn’t appear to be possible since the data only calls for one set of page listings.

    I finally found an example from a template company that has the same set up as what I am trying to accomplish. Here is a link preview When you click on the category links it takes you to a separate page of it’s own. And none of the posts are placed on the home page but within it’s own page.

    Why don’t you read and try the support that has been offered? (instead of posting again and again…)

    The solution I posted above does EXACTLY what you are asking for.

    That seperate pgae of its own is what everyone has been telling you is already there and built-in. WP does that for you.
    Most themes will use wp_list_cats to generate the list of categories and the links to the category view (“page of category articles”)

    To exclude a category from the main page, here’s this plugin again:

    Well thanks! I finally get it! Problem solved and sorry it took so long for me to get…

    Thanks to all.

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