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    Hey! i have a blog, and when i have very long run on sentences (I have a few) they run right off my blog template i am using. I’m using “Rockin Chrome 1” and its very irritating see my posts go OFF the template instead of staying inside the posting area.

    This is not when im writing the post, but when i submit it and look at it. It runs off the page into my black background and then you have to high light to read it.

    Is there anyway of having wordpress wordwrap the posts/text so it doesn’t run off my post area when reading it?

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  • This is not normal behavior.

    A link to show this in action would be very helpful… (hint)

    If you change themes to the Default, does the problem continue to happen?

    Wow that was a fast response.

    Is my site. Yes it does it on all themes, except themes with a very wide subject area.

    I am not the owner of this site, but i post on it. And its very irritating :S


    From what I’m seeing, it’s not wrapping full strings. ie: this-will_not_wrap-since_wp…thinks0its1a_word.

    Try changing the titles to shorter strings.

    Yep, Justinratwebtek is correct. As far as your web browser is concerned, those big long strings are one word. Can’t wrap a “word”. Either shorten ’em up or work some spaces into that.

    Not a WP issue, really.

    Doh! I should have said it was a browser/html issue, you’re right HandySolo… Got carried away trying to write my string 😉

    Ahhh okay, i see. Thanks guys 🙂

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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