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  1. HappyFhantum
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    Hi everyone,

    I'm trying to upgrade my company's outdated website to a modern, responsive website. I've used the theme MayaShop in the past on personal projects and absolutely love it. So I've recommended we use it for our new website.

    The company I work for is a wholesale company. Which means that we don't show prices on our website. It's a website designed like a catalog with separate pages for each product, etc., but no prices.

    What my company wants to do though is have the capability to "turn on" prices and purchasing down the road by the flip of a switch at any time.

    And the MayaShop theme allows you to do just this.

    Where I'm running into a problem is that once I turn the store on, the store is visible to EVERYONE.

    MayaShop uses woocommerce, so I searched woocommerce's forums and found out about the addon "Catalog Visibility Options," which allows you to hide prices and the shopping cart and make both of these only visible to "registered" members. The problem is that anyone can become a registered member by logging in to the website in the top right corner.

    After all that preamble here's the gist of what we want:

    A button or a link labeled "Dealer login here," or "store login here," that takes you to a login page where an approved user can login and see the store, or, if they're not a registered user yet, have a form that requires the user to apply for access to the store portion of our website.

    While I love the MayaShop theme, I don't know if this is possible using MayaShop and Woocommerce.

    Do any of you know of any themes/addons which will allow me to achieve this goal?

    Here are some websites with the capabilities I'm looking for. They're not super sexy or modern but they have the functionality I need.



    Thank you so much,


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