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    I tried to figure out how wordpress works with multi languages within the web page. But I couldn’t. While creating the web site, I just used the dashboard tools,I am not able to use codes unfortunately.First I created the blog and then I bought a domain. I made the site in english and now I want also a version of the website in turkish but I couldn’t understand how it works. I looked for the multi language plugins but they all seem to be translaters.I want the site both in english and in turkish but I will make the turkish content by myself within the same theme. And I looked for the subdomain tools so maybe I can have my site like this: my main domian is: and I want my subdomain in turkish like this If someone has an idea about this, can you please share with me?

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  • Can you use multisite feature of WordPress? It allows you to have multiple sites within the same domain and same wordpress installation.

    You may use WPML(paid) or Qtranslate plugins (Free) for multi-language content.

    Hey Fabric, it’s not as simple as installing a plugin because every phrase needs to be translated. Something like, “Welcome to my website” could be completely different depending on language and any automated translator frankly does not provide a professional translation. Quite simply, unfortunately, the human race has not advanced far enough to provide universal translating software yet 🙂

    That said, you have a couple options. One, is to use the awesome tools that WordPress provides to put phrase specific translations on your website. If you want truly authentic translations, this is really your only option, as it involves editing files for every single line of output your want translated. There is no better way to do this available to the public. You’ll need to pay a professional developer to do this if the theme and plugins you’re using do not have built in Turkish language options. It won’t be prohibitively expensive, and if you use the right person, it will be right. You’ll have to do the translations yourself though most likely, they can only make the code ready to dynamically display different languages.

    The other option is to use an automated translator. Google does it best, and there are several plugins available. But, it will look like a 12 year old’s best shot at translating text. It sucks, but it’s free and requires little effort.

    In the end, your call.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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