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  • WordPress works great for me, except when using features like adding new plugins or themes, removing the plugins or themes, or updating the plugins, themes or wordpress installation.

    I’ve installed wordpress on two different servers on the past, and one company worked great; all I needed to do was click an install button, and the action went by very quickly. However, on the hosting company I have now (which is a dedicated server, so I have some leeway in changing my configurations), I’m prompted for my connection information. When I enter in my information, the site seems to hang, forever. I think something may be happening, because after waiting forever, or deleting or updating something, I close that browser window, only to go to my site and see that it no longer works, like the process was canceled midway through.

    How do I make this process automatic, without prompting me for my connection information, and snappier, where a simple plugin install doesn’t take over an hour and not still be hung up?

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  • Since this post, I’ve now realized that yes it does work, I’m just being very impatient.

    I used this post to save the FTP details in my wp-config.php file:

    Now is there any way I can speed this up? Again, I have a dedicated server, and everything else runs really well, it just seems there is some kind of bottle neck on this process.

    One thing I did was set:

    define(“FTP_HOST”, “”);
    define(“FTP_HOST”, “localhost”);

    Anything else I might try?

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