• Hi there!

    I’ve removed the sidebar widgets that I previously had in place so the sidebar area is now empty space. However, I am trying to expand the theme, and have visited a number of other forums and advice blogs on the web for assistance with editing the css and (php files)html, all to no avail. I’ve played around with the “Custom Settings” area for custom CSS in the “Customize” portion of the theme as well, with no luck.

    I would like to make the RAD theme full-page width and remove the sidebar if at all possible? Ideally I’d like to remove the sidebar on JUST the homepage, but am open to modifying the theme for the entire site if need. Can you please help me figure out how to remove the sidebar filler area on this theme, and if possible JUST the homepage?? Thank you to everyone!

    Site: http://www.dianadeadlifts.com

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    Hi there!

    I deactivated at least 10 plugins that I was using on the site. As for the title and subtitle, I’ve enabled it so you should be able to provide any code fixes that we can use. Let me know what advice you can further offer. Many thanks since I could not do this without you!


    Hello @hotbuys012,

    I looked a little more deeply in your site and found that there is some kind of cache plugin causing the issue. Disable the plugin and give about 1-2 hours to the site. It should be fixed.

    For the site title and description, add the following code to custom CSS-

    .site-branding {
    top: 100px !important;

    Adjust the ‘top’ value as per your requirement for your site.

    Hope I was able to provide some assistance for your issues.

    – Divjot

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    @divjotsingh_440 Thank you for the responses on my last post, I really appreciate it!

    I was able to indeed get the title and tagline to move as I wanted to see with the Custom CSS you provided, thank you! As for the cache plugin being the root cause of my blog content not appearing in the formatted width, I am surprised that I didn’t think to personally check that sooner. Thank you for that suggestion! I’m happy that those 2 issues are resolve!

    So…1 more thing though…The last thing I want to ask you at this time is about the mobile responsive version. I love that the theme is responsive, however I have 1 concern since my site is specifically a blog site. I can’t believe I didn’t catch this before, but the social icons take up 1/2 of the screen on mobile when perusing a blog, leaving only 1/2 of the page for blog reading. Is it possible to adjust this so that the social media icons don’t take up 1/2 the screen on mobile version?

    Perhaps I can edit this in the editor portion of the site in the .php files? Any help is MUCH appreciated. Thank you!

    Hello @hotbuys012
    Thanks for pointing out the issue. Even I did not know about this one.
    This will be fixed in the next update to the theme.

    If you like the theme, kindly consider leaving a review either here or at http://www.divjot.co/product/rad/


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    @divjotsingh_440 Awesome and thanks for the fast response. I look forward to the theme update and will be leaving a review now! 🙂

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    @divjot_singh440 Hi there I tried to leave a review but I’d have to be logged into your site through the link here on the WordPress forum, however there is only an option to “remember password” on your site in order to login to leave a review. There isn’t an option to “create an account” so I’m not sure how I can login to leave a review. Is there another way that I can leave a review for you?

    @hotbuys012 You will have to download the theme from the site in order to be eligible to leave a review. You can leave the review here at https://wordpress.org/support/theme/rad/reviews/

    Thanks a lot
    – Divjot

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