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  • Might see if this plugin helps:


    Also try this one:


    Shane G.

    posttabs uses javascript, if I’m not mistaken, which means that you need to sort the whole text in the post by divs manually

    What I want – is a plugin or a component that can make 5 blocks out of the normal post so that I could place custom things (screens, trailers, synopsis) in those 5 blocks.

    Shane G.
    this is not what I’m looking for. I need a plugin that helps me to

    – split notmal post into 5 separated blocks
    – admin each block separately
    – have all these blocks as tabs

    A kind of real example –



    I have heard about Pseudo-Code Plugin that was in the time of WordPress 2.2 . That plugin did make that possible. But I couldn’t find it.

    I will specify what I need again. I need to separate 5 things in post.

    Movie Summary | Synopsis | Screens | Trailer| Comments | Add your Review

    In Movie Summary will be all tabs material posted and in the other tabs – the exact block for a specific thing (Synopsis, Screens, Trailer, Comments etc)

    There is smth close to my idea on the very website in plugins section (Description, Installation, etc.)



    @macuache: Deezer uses Javascript/AJAX as well, so I’m not sure what you meant by needing to “sort the whole text in the post by divs manually”.

    It sounds like you’re probably better off looking into custom fields, or a plugin that provides an interface to construct custom fields (such as Custom Fields Template or others) and then creating a custom page/post template to display the custom fields in the style you’ve mentioned.

    Custom Fields Template has short codes support so I assume this will make it easier.



    There is one bad thing.

    I want all blocks to be in summary tab and each block in its special tab.
    Like here

    The problem is that that plugin can’t do that. it does either all blocks on each tab or one thing for each tab. And I want all blocks in Summary tab and each of them for other tabs (trailers tab, comments tab) etc.



    @macuache: Sorry about being direct here, but sometimes it’s not possible to find a plugin that works exactly as you need it to – there is usually some element of tweaking involved.

    The plugin I suggested – Custom Field Template – does not ‘put blocks into tabs’ as you wanted, but I believe will *help* you towards achieving that end result.

    Perhaps it will be easier if I try and explain in full what I meant in my post.

    This is how I would approach it on the basis of your other post with Custom Field Template, where you specified:

    Movie Summary | Synopsis | Screens | Trailer| Comments | Add your Review

    Install Custom Field Template (CFT), and create e.g. 3 fields in the CFT interface as you needed above i.e. Synopsis, Screens, Trailer.

    Then create a post as follows –
    Post title: ‘Example A’
    Post content: ‘Lots of random text about Example A’.

    If you have setup the CFT settings correctly, you should also see the other fields (Synopsis, Trailer etc.) so you can add the content relating to Example A.

    Once you’ve saved the post, you have one complete post with all the necessary information – Movie Synopsis, Screens, Trailer.

    Then use something like DOMTab and construct your POST (or PAGE) TEMPLATE.

    WPDesigner and ProBlogDesign both talk about how to incorporate DOMTabs into your template design.

    The next step is to incorporate the Custom Fields from CFT into your template. A guide can be found here:

    So in your first tab, you can include the Custom Fields code for all 3 fields; in Synopsis – just the Synopsis CFT code. etc.

    And finally, in your ‘Comments’ tab, you can insert the necessary php functions (see WPDesigner’s Comments template guide for an explanation) to just list the comments; and in ‘Add your Review’, insert the Comment Form code – see the guide above.

    WPDesigner’s article might seem old (from 2007) but it’s still an invaluble resource imho to hopefully help you get started.

    Anyway, this is how I would approach your project. There may be other ways; alternatively, you could contact a plugin writer to see if they can construct a custom plugin for you.



    I can’t include all fields in the first main tab. Would you please explain, what’s the procedure.



    @macuache: Please can you clarify what you mean by

    I can’t include all fields in the first main tab.




    I got tabs b1, b2, b3
    I can’t make a tab (summary) that will embrace = b1+b2+b3

    It is said that I need to put ID:
    printID:’domtabprintview’, // id of the print all link
    showAllLinkText:’show all content’, // text for the print all link

    But how to write a script for the tab that will got all other tabs in order to make it a summary tab.



    @macuache: Your current is moving away from WordPress and more about DOMTabs.

    Looking at the source on the DOMTabs page, this is how ‘show all content’ (or showAllLinkText) is output by default:

    <p id="domtabprintview"></p>

    which means you should be able to style it with CSS (probably using display:block etc.)

    Blogdesignstudio has a nice writeup on styling DOMTabs in a WordPress installation as well as the aforementioned ProBlogDesign.

    You could potentially avoid using the ‘show all content’ link as well (seeing as there doesn’t seem to be an easy reset function that I can see) and see if the shortcodes at least will happily display twice on one page (if not having to resort to multiple loops)



    I can’t call to the Domtab plugin’s author. Can’t get him.

    I really want to know why his plugin doesn’t have the feature to collect the content from other tabs into the main home tab.

    I can’t just duplicate the content because

    it increases the size of the page
    2) it leads to the troubles with search engines



    @macuache: With all due respect, the author of DOMTabs can construct the script as he wishes. If it doesn’t happen to offer a particular functionality, people – like yourself and myself – are free to choose another script or modify it to their own needs.

    Hopefully the author will be happy to accept feature suggestions, but please remember he is not obliged to.

    In any case, I’m not sure why you think it’s not possible write to the author – he has posted their email address on the homepage.

    Other scripts are featured there, so you may find those more useful for your purpose:

    p/s: Please be aware that DOMTabs is not a WordPress plugin, and I hope I did not suggest this at any point in the thread.



    Some alternative tab systems are suggested here as well:

    Of these, Stereotabs has some interesting comments to help you show ‘all’ your content with CSS.

    I still think it’s possible for you to

    collect the content from other tabs into the main home tab

    just by styling the actual link that shows the content with CSS so it looks like a tab.

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