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  • HI I first checked my website on and noticed my website did not work on all browsers.. Im pretty sure I fixed the problem but says I reached my limit on checking my website..

    Is there another way for me to make sure my website works on all browsers? I want to make sure before I start paying for advertising..

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  • is still free of charge. I don’t use it a lot, but find that it solves my problems with Cross-Browser Testing.

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    One mistake is putting the google analytics code in the wrong place in header.php; that breaks many browsers. Fix that and your other code errors: see [Invalid] Markup Validation of – W3C Markup Validator. Scroll down in the validation report to see line numbers and source code.

    To accurately check display in different browsers, you really need to use native browsers in Windows and OS X to check the site. and other sites are really of little use for good testing.

    I agree with songdogtech in that I begin any issue that may involve Cross-Browser Testing by testing in multiple browsers on my own computer. And generally come back from browserlab for better debugging on the same version and browser on my own computer that is causing trouble on browserlab. I also find it useful to look at a second computer in case my browser gets messed up.

    But, like I say, I generally avoid doing things that are not likely to work across all browsers. So, I don’t really have enough experience to say much more. Other than the obvious: if you don’t have access to a Mac (or multiple smartphones), something like browserlab is better than nothing.

    @songdogtech: with all due respect, its hard to digest what you say about google analytics breaking browsers. so do you suggest moving it to footer? can you shed some more light on it?

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    @shadex, look at the W3C report: the GA code is above the doc type. That always breaks IE. It can go in the header, but right above the </head> tag, as documented by google and any other analytics-type tracker. Not above the doc type.

    @shadez: what is being referred to is the general problem of asking people who may know very little about HTML to cut and paste a given piece of HTML into an existing web page. Or, in this case, a the header.php file that generates HTML.

    Put it in the wrong place and all sorts of weird things start happening.

    oops oops.. i thought its bout analytics as such.
    and sorry cant help here much.. i prefer and do manual testing.

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    After you’ve made sure your website works on all browsers, next strive for those compatibility with those browsers’ versions.

    It looks fine on Adobe Browser labs.. 🙂 So I guess its safe my website works and its a GO on paying for advertising!

    Unless anyone on here see any problems, if so please let me know..

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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