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  • Hello i used theme iconic….i want to make my site appearance more better..can you please suggest me…n also suggest me how to make this mobile friendly??

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  • Well, it would help if you posted a link to your site so we could see it. Also, the theme is responsive, so it should be mobile friendly. Are you experiencing something otherwise?
    this is my site link.please @crounchingBruin check is out.

    The basic appearance of your site looks fine, even on a mobile device, except for that yellow/brown bar at the very bottom of the site; the color doesn’t go with anything.

    Also, instead of using the default post excerpts on your home page, I would create your own excerpt for each post, because the current excerpts look very strange. For example, look at this post excerpt:

    Pakistan Won Test Match Against Sri Lanka in sharjah A news from Sports Cricket that “Pakistan Won Test Match Against Sri Lanka in sharjah“. Azhar Ali scored innings of 103,Misbah 68,Sir Faraz 48 and Yunus 29.It is really a very thrilling Match because this match lead Pakistan to won the test series.

    The first part of the excerpt looks like a weird run-on sentence because the default post excerpt includes the subtitle from the post.

    I would also clean up the grammar & punctuation. I realize that English is not your native language, but when I see a sentence that reads What you i Missed??, it doesn’t look very professional and I would be less inclined to read anything further from the site.

    As far as the content goes, it seems very broad and unfocused. For example, your logo reads Search Everything, How To, Education, PC Games, and your home page has news stories of many different topics. In my opinion, you will do

    thanks how i can write excerpt myself…

    When you go edit a post, if you scroll down, you should see a field called Excerpt. If you do not see an Excerpt field, then click on the Screen Options tab in the upper right corner of the screen, then check the box for Excerpt.

    To create the excerpt, I would copy & paste whatever content you want from the main post article. One nice feature of using the Excerpt field is that you can include HTML code, so you can include links or styling.

    ok…..thanks what another on page things i missed or not used properly…please tell me?
    also tell me how i can increase comment on post and subscriber of feed-burner??

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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