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  • Now that I have my site up and running, I am trying to make some improvements. The first thing I am trying to improve is its load time. It takes a long time to load my site. I didn’t create the graphics for the site, so I did my best to work with what I knew. Any recommendations on how to increase how long it takes the list site to load? I know there are plug-ins for a caching, but how do they affect updates to your site? I’ve make several posts daily.

    here is my site:

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  • Whoever did your graphics should be fired.

    For starters your background image is 1700 x 1841, which took 15 seconds to load when I check it out. Either reduce the image size or find another, smaller, tile-able image instead. Also, there are 29 separate images being loaded, which means 29 distinctly separate HTTP calls. The more calls you have the longer your page will take to load. Especially when you’re loading a few mega images like the one I mentioned previously.

    I would look into using a handful of different graphics, as well reading up on CSS sprites. Sprites are a combination of many images in one file, and using CSS to define which image shows where. Different images alone would drastically improve your load time friend.

    Thanks for your quick response. I absolutely hate this background, it causes me more problems. Also thanks for informing me about CSS sprites. I think this could really help.

    Do you have any recommendations for sites to get tile-able images? I’m looking for alternatives to present. If I am stuck using the current background what size do recommend?

    If you wish you could search the image in the themes folder and shrink it down with Photoshop.

    Download the image from the ftp server, open it with adobe Photoshop and reduce the image size. Then upload it again.

    You could also try ” Save for Web and Devices “

    If I where you, I would save it as .jpeg with “Progressive scans value 3”, that will do the image to load progressive, in 3 stages and will make the size smaller at the cost of quality, but hey the visitors will not gonna like make large prints from your background webpage.

    29 separate images being loaded, which means 29 distinctly separate HTTP calls.

    Regargind this I don’t know how to advice you

    You could also try a plugin that cache your website:

    Quick Cache ( Speed Without Compromise )

    BUT FIRST PLEASE CHANGE THE BACKGROUND SIZE (No necessarily the resolution) IT IS AWFUL and I have a very very good bandwidth.

    Okay, I’ve made the background smaller. I would still prefer to not to use it, but that’s not my decision. I’m still trying to figure out CSS sprites. I think this could really help, but I’m not sure how to use it.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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