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How to Make Search Engines Find Pages On My Site?

  • My website is: http://www.mintconditioncustom.com

    I’ve been wondering this for some time now. I want the individual pages on my site to be able to be found on Google.

    I’ve even tried experimenting with searching for specific titles and lines excerpts from my pages, and still they show up nowhere in Google.

    Do search engines ignore WordPress pages?

    My website is a showcase for all of my art pieces. I like to create a new page for each new piece I make, since pages are meant to be permanent parts of a website and they look better as an actual page. I also usually make a blog post whenever I have a new piece up, since blog posts get found easily on Google.

    But the pages don’t.

    Is there anything I can do, any plugins I can download, to make it so Google and other search engines actually find pages on my site? Because most of my content is in pages.

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  • there’s a really good SEO optimizing plugin that will help you with that. Google Yoast SEO plugin for wordpress

    Does that make it easier for search engines to find pages, or just the normal blog posts?

    You can find the indexed pages if you type site:http://www.mintconditioncustom.com in the search box of Google. If you search for keywords of your blog, you may not find your links just because your competitors may rank better than you and their links may appear before yours. Use Google Webmaster Tools to know more about the pages indexed by Google and problems with your pages/posts, etc. Plugins perform nothing really to take you to the top of SERPs, but they only help you improve your SEO inputs.

    Actually, when you do that you still can’t see a single page from my site. It’s all blog posts and category pages.

    I want the actual pages from my website to show up in Google. Why don’t they? I have extremely important content in them. My questions still have not been answered.

    The plugin suggestions have helped not at all.

    If someone can tell me why Google refuses to index wordpress pages, that would be great. It makes absolutely no sense that it doesn’t though.

    For instance, if you take the URL to any one of my pages, say:

    Custom Action Figure Guides and Tutorials by John Harmon

    And put that in quotation marks in google and search it, you will not find that page in google. According to google, it doesn’t exist. WHY is my question?

    Unfortunately, infected and blacklisted URLs in your site, like this hosted in your site also affect your traffic as well as indexing/ ranking by Google. A site with such URLs are considered Phishing sites and hacked sites.

    This answers your above question.

    Whoa whoa, wait..what? My site is blacklisted? I don’t understand why. What do I need to do to fix it?

    I just entered the URL for my site, and it came up 100% clean an not blacklisted, so that’s not the problem…

    No, your site is NOT BLACKLISTED, but verified clean so far. The report I quoted above is of one of the links I found in your site. There are many such links. See this report – line 707.

    It may be coming from your widgets/ plugins for inserting social networking sites like Twitter. And the link that you find in your site is blacklisted. That throws open the possibility of you hosting blacklisted/ malware sites. So, you may remove them immediately.

    Well I just submitted a sitemap, so maybe that will help. I still don’t get how adding social media to my site could blacklist it. That seems weird.

    Is it normal for google to not index your actual permanent pages on wordpress?

    Did you find the phishing link in your site? Where do you find it? If you can find it, that answers your question.

    I found it, it’s in my Twitter widget in my sidebar. I’m not sure how to remove it without completely removing the Twitter widget though.

    Remove the widget. It is infected. Hence remove it before your site also gets in a phishing blacklist like this.

    Removing it does not mean that you cannot use social widgets like that. You can always use a fresh widget and replace the infected one.

    Alright, I removed it. So that should mean my individual pages will be indexed on Google now?

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 18 total)
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