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  • Apologies for what’s probably an incredibly simple question.

    After using DreamHost’s standard OneClick WP Install, I setup a WP Multisite using subdirectories. Each subdirectory is a different language version of the main site (, etc).

    However, I would like to use the main site ( for a specific language, the contents for which aren’t ready yet.

    So, in the meantime, what is the best way to redirect the main site to one of the subsites that is already setup? i.e When someone types in it redirects to

    Please note that:
    — I’m not trying to move my WP installation etc.
    — it is likely to be at least several months, possibly more than year before the main site is ready. However, once it is ready it is likely to become the most visited site hence why I’d like to use the root domain for it.
    — The different language versions of the site are not exact copies of each other, hence why using multisite. Currently using “Multilingual Press” to coordinate the parts that need to be similar

    Many thanks in advance for your help.

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  • There isn’t a good way. You’d probably want to make a static front page on and have THAT link to the subsite via a plugin like Pages Link To.

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