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  • ariznaf


    Great plugin. It is just what I was looking for.

    I want to develope a family blog with personal blogs for some members.

    I want an easy way for the authors of posts to control who can view their posts (the audience).

    So I split users into groups like family, members (parents and sons) and friends.

    Then I made a tree of audience categories accessed protected with exclusive access for the group with the same name:
    —Everybody (registered users)

    If the site is not completly restricted in the main interface, when I publish a post without assigning an audience category, the post may be read by everybody.

    If I publish it under Family, users of groups family and members can see it. If I put it on Members, just family members can see it and no other family.

    Thas works OK, it is an easy way to restrict access to content, something my 12 years old daughter can do.

    It is great because I can control access even if I pubish from Live writer or email.

    But I want to be able to restrict access to just the author.

    I tried a Private category protected but with no groups in it.
    That hides de post from everybody, but the author can’t see it either.

    It would be great to have a builtin “private” or “author” group (similar to everybody) that you can assign permissions to.
    This group should resolve to the author of each post. Thus if the author does not meet the logged in user, access would be restricted.

    Another problem is when you want to protect the site by default.
    I would like the blogs of my sons to be private by default.
    I mean that if they publish a post without assigning categories or permissions, the post shouldn’t be visible to anybody but the author.

    I think I can acomplish it restricting the whole site using the global options of page security.

    Then if they mark a post with family audience all people in the corresponding group would be able to see it.

    The problem is that I cannot find a way of making a post public.

    Again a guest built in group woul help, as I could make a Public category and assign the guest group access to it.

    Am I missing something about how this plugin works?

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