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  • mwmerz


    Hi everyone,

    While i’m sure i can expect alot of flaming posts that this topic is already covered somewhere else, i have been unable to find it thus far. If such a resource does exist, please feel free to post a link to the current thread rather then just post incoherant babble laced with “1337 speak”.

    I am an experienced PHP programmer, however i have not done a bit of programming in about a year. I just installed WP on my web site and installed it in the location Are there includes and subsequent WP template tags i can put on that will allow me to display posts? If you head over there now** I have hard coded what i’d like to have as the area in which i’d like the posts to be placed.

    Thanks for the help!


    ** That is not a shameless plug nor a sneaky solicitation to get people to click my advertisements, I would just like to illustrate what i am attempting to accomplish.

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  • ladydelaluna


    okay, i’m not “flaming” you, and this isn’t “incoherant babble laced with 1337 speak” – though i will say that by assuming that’s all you’d get, it’s quite discouraging to anyone who might have anything to offer.

    that said, my question is this, why did you choose to install wordpress in a wordpress subdirectory, as opposed to in the root directory of your site? wordpress is a great CMS, and by looking at your site’s “mockup”, it’s quite clear that wordpress could do all that for you from your root directory…

    just in case you have some sort of valid reason, and you want to continue to use wordpress in a subdirectory, then the only way i’ve ever seen anyone pull posts to a non-wordpress page is by using RSS feeds…

    i sure hope that wasn’t too painful for you to read – i wouldn’t want to offend you or anything, just give you the help i could.





    *pokes HS* – it looks like he wants posts to show up on the index page like “normal” but has installed WP in a subdirectory – not sure the “static” thing is going to help with rotating posts… *quits poking HS*



    Hey Lady D,

    Thanks for the help. I’m really sorry i made it seem as if i wasn’t appreciative of help. Nor was i trying not to welcome comments. Quite conversely, your type of post was exactly what i was looking for. My disclaimer was actually just thwart replies such as:

    “WTF is wrong with you n00b, its listed on the friggen FAQ page.. go read and stop posting”


    “@#$@* there is atleast 1 post a week about this topic, READ the other topics before posting”

    I do not intend to paint the entire WP forum community as a bunch of people who post like that. There are always the 1 or 2 folks in every forum who feel as if harassment is a helpful resource.

    Thanks again very much for the help and i’ll have to make sure to make my disclaimer a little more clear in the future.

    – Mike



    Thanks Mike – My suggestion would be to ditch the “disclaimer” and deal with “flamers” if and when they happen… just for your own sanity – if you come in here expecting it, well…

    Anyway, I do hope that I helped your situation – let us know what you choose to do to solve your issue, and then maybe mark this thread as “resolved” so that when other people DO search for the same thing, maybe they can find this post and get the help they need… 🙂



    Disclaimer ditched :). Just to note, I did search for a post similar to mine before posting but was unable to find one with the way i was searching. I’ll just have to play with different keywords in the future.

    To solve my issue I uninstalled WP and reinstalled it in my root (to tidy up anything i may have altered in the WP code).

    I then followed HandySolo’s link:

    And was lead to the following entry in the codex:

    Hope this helps someone in the future, not only with using WP as a CMS, but also some netiquette

    GL everyone,


Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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