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    Is there a way to make the oval picture in the header larger? Our logo is cut-off just a tad. Do not want to make it too much larger.

    Also, is there a way to make the header itself less thick (the blue part)? When you pull up our website, it’s all you see. I am novice/proficient in html.

    Our website:

    Thank you!

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  • Hello lauren! you can adjust the height of the header by adjusting these values in your styles.css:

    .header {
    padding-top: 3.478em;
    padding-bottom: 3.478em;

    what comes to the logo have you tried making it a bit smaller so it would fit in as a whole to the oval shape? 🙂

    Thank you for your quick response!

    I will try editing the CSS to change the height!

    And I tried reducing the size of the logo last night; it was late and I think I was falling asleep at my laptop so I’ll try again this morning. 🙂 Thanks again!


    Changing the height was super easy. I feel like an HTML guru now! Thanks again!


    I reduced the size of the logo again this morning and it actually looks worse when I upload it. Am I just having a blonde moment? Am I missing a step?


    And to just own my persona of posting multiple times, when I changed the padding of the header, it moved my side menu to the bottom of the website now…

    One option would be to change the logo to square one and then it will show in all of its glory because this seems to be the reason what crops the picture 🙂 by this command:

    .site-intro .avatar, .highwind-logo {
    border-radius: 0%;

    and if it doesn’t work with a smaller picture it is a bit bigger knot to solve 🙂 but the site looks great to my eye now very nice lauren! 🙂

    or try the border-radius with this one:

    .site-intro .avatar, .highwind-logo {
    border-radius: 20px 20px 20px 20px;

    the logo doesn’t get cropped but you got the nice roundness feel in it still 🙂 ofc this is just my opinion! 😀

    Love it 🙂 – I used the second one as I like the roundness feel too! Thank you!

    Any idea on how to fix the sidebar widgets being moved to the bottom? I’ve went into settings->writing and clicked the “WordPress should correct invalidly nested XHTML automatically” and it did not help.

    actually to me your site looks just perfect, the widgets haven’t moved to the bottom they start from the top right side and go down just nicely :-O and in the responsive side everything works well together! what browser are you using I’m using firefox and the site is perfect! 🙂

    Google Chrome… switching now. Thank you so much for all of your help! You are awesome!

    I just checked with google chrome also and it works perfect with that so I guess we can call this a success wooo 😀 was nice to help you! 🙂

    Hi all!

    Im totally noob and have no idea how to delete this avatar logo and also title of my website.

    I just want to have clear website with JPG in header (2500×600?).

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