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  1. MarkS1
    Posted 5 years ago #

    Hi, am new to wordpress but have fooled around with these infernal machines since '89. Got my blog running this past weekend and stable and have utilized many plugins and widgets. I've got a few items I'd really like to resolve:

    1. How can I post something dated say, 5/10/07, and have it go directly to archives and related post categories without appearing on the front page? I've dozens of such items I've written around the web over the years I'd like to get on my own site now but don't want them cluttering up the front.

    I've already linked to them on a menu, then set up a links categories and redid it but neither really satisfies nor do I want to set up a page for them. I really want to post them directly to the blog to add content and increase SEO appeal without putting dated material up front. Any ideas?

    2. Is there a collapsible Links menu widget that actually works? I have several links categories I really want organized like a menu or drop-down list on the sidebar that'll offer all the categories and expand them with a click or hover.

    3. What widget makes those nice color boxes for block quotes or other info you want to highlight in a post?

    4. What is the best Pull Quote widget?

    5. Is anyone familiar with Flexithemes? If so, are all the themes configurable to 3 columns? Does anyone know how to reach them. They have not responded to email inquiries.

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