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  • Welcome to Wp. You need to do two things. First create the space above the header. I would suggest in index.php you add a <div id="hnav">
    In the CSS the style it with colors, borders etc.
    Now : inside #hnav in index.php put the php call to call the category you want. That is a bit easier. Why not sort out the extra div and post again ?

    hey thanks for your help
    I put the <div id=”hnav”> in index.php
    now what do I do next?

    fortunately for you, i’ve implemented the very same menu technique and happen to have the tutorial to go along with it. as far as placement thereof, the above comments are bang-on …for creating the actual menu however, go here:
    cheers — michael

    sorry ..the above is an expansion from the basic concept presented here:

    Well Dan – do not spoil the fun. 🙂 We were just getting started.
    I had not realised who xircom was. Nice work all round.
    @ben: xircom might be too polite to mention it but he must be in the top 3 web designers on the planet. Just do what he advises 🙂

    root, you are far too kind. i am nothing more than a dabbler in the arts. a little different than when i first started, no?
    dan, if you need any assistance implementing the menus, just drop me a line and i will help where possible.
    michael AT synapticjunctions DOT com
    — michael

    thanks guys, I’ve got them up on the top of my page now (Although not linking to anything yet!)
    however doing so seems to have stretched my main table somehow, any ideas what’s wrong?

    actually strike that last question, I just fixed it myself 🙂

    Maybe a bit of styling on the hnav and you are home free. Nice work 🙂

    Can you copy the code I should have to use to make this navigation bar. I’m trying to get it trough the link Michael has just han but I can’t.
    Pd: xircom your design simply wonderful 😉

    Well, I’ve got the code of the navigation bar but I have a doubt in this line:
    background: url(../images/tab_circle.gif) no-repeat bottom center;
    How can I get this gif that I suppose is necessary to make the effect on the navigation bar?

    the point is to make your own …

    ok… 🙂

    for what it’s worth, your site looks great!


    how would I alight the minitabs to the right? I’m a total CSS newbie

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 21 total)
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