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  • The wordpress theme I am using has a fixed width.

    How can I fill out the rest of the page and still have the sidebar?


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  • Can’t help you without seeing the site — an image is useless with CSS issues.

    Changing the layout of a site can be complicated…as you may need to make changes in multiple places — but can’t say anything more specific without looking at the site.

    Or try using Firebug (or similar other tool) to work with CSS.


    website is currently password protected:

    user admin | pass DmEtZ2*3

    Please tell me if the user or pass do not work.

    I looked at your site (access worked fine) — and it’s not going to be a simple thing to change the width. You will need to go through the CSS for all the page elements that have a fixed width — and adjust them according to the new width you want. Unless you are familiar with CSS, that’s going to be a rather big challenge. It looks like you are already using a Child Theme — which is good as you certainly would not want to lose a lot of changes when the theme is updated.

    If you’re not experienced with CSS, you might want to consider finding another theme that has a layout that is closer to what you want.

    Would a custom css plugin work?

    Is all code for the style.css?

    Looks like you are changing theme? Do you still want help with this thread?

    A custom CSS plug-in is a good idea if you don’t have a Child Theme — but it won’t do the CSS work for you (unfortunately — LOL)! You’d still have to fuss around with changing the width of many elements. A good analogy is that a fixed width site is like a jigsaw puzzle — and if you change the size of one part (like the frame around it) — many of the other pieces won’t fit right until you change them too.

    I’m taking a look at a different theme, but will change back to the other one if this one doesn’t work out.

    As for the child theme. I also have the original installed.

    Would the plugin work with the original?

    Don’t know — you’d have to try it. What theme was it? Didn’t look familiar or from the WP repository…

    One thing to consider is that many themes these days are “responsive” — so they will work on various size devices. Fixed width sites can’t do that and can be hard for users to visit on tablets or phones.

    Hi! I’m trying to do the same- using the Spun theme, make the posts and pages wider, and the margins (the black ones) shorter, also the text margins are pretty wide (distance between where the text starts and ends and the edges of the page).

    I’ve tried everything posted here, but to no avail.

    Any help would be appreciated..

    Thank you.


    please start your own topic and post in the theme’s support section

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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