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  • Hey guys,

    been looking through the forums but didn’t find any answers to this one. (or i’m just a numbskull.)

    I have a website with a blog…. we installed it after the site was up… and put it in /blog


    I want to make my blog’s homepage as my sites homepage (for seo purposes and just because we had a “squeeze” page as the homepage collecting emails – google doesn’t really like those pages anymore)

    If we went into the server and moved everything, they would totally mess up all the blog’s links… rankings… etc.

    went into the settings > general… it shows both urls as .com/blog

    I changed the 2nd link to .com but it kept doing a redirect afterwards and wasn’t working, so i suspect that option is out.

    I heard about something called a 301 redirect.

    What do you guys suggest doing?


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  • esmi


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    First, change the urls back. See Changing_The_Site_URL. Then see Giving_WordPress_Its_Own_Directory.

    I did this exact thing with my site a few years ago. I originally had a regular website and a WP blog but wanted to combine everything and use WP for all.

    Unfortunately I don’t remember all of the steps.

    In the WordPress Admin, Settings>General you need to set your WordPress address field to Then in the Site Address field it should read (or .ca or whatever the site suffix).

    Then, in the background of the site you set up a new folder called blog and in that folder you’ll copy all the files from your original blog location. Your index.php file will go in the main public directory for your site. That file will be your original main blog page (e.g., that gets renamed as index.php.

    I think those are the steps but don’t recall 100%.

    hey semi

    Thanks for the reply… ya… already did that a few hours ago.

    on this page

    when you move the index.php page… you’re basically copying the blog’s homepage as your homepage…

    any idea about seo issues?

    since it seems like there would be a duplicate of the page.

    Also… does the new index page update as it normally would? (with new posts showing underneath etc.

    I’m not much of a coder… more of a designer… so this stuff is like greek… but i can manage. 🙂



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    There are no seo issues as you are moving what is essentially a redirection/setup file – not anything that’s actually related to your site’s content. Your content still comes from your database as it always did.

    hey guys…

    my programmer did the swap on the homepage. it looks fine.

    WP was installed on /blog

    we wanted to make the homepage the same as the blog’s homepage (we have a custom theme)

    problem is… all the links in the homepage version have messed up links.

    if a user clicks a blog post link, they normally go to:


    from the homepage, the links are going to:


    Which isn’t actually the page.

    Is there any way to fix this?



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    @dconstrukt: Please post your own topic.

    LOL …did you read the OP?

    this is my topic. 🙂

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