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    I am using a child theme in the Thematic theme and have a small problem regarding getting the menu tabs to overlap the header image. Or alternatively put a background image beside the menu tabs.

    Here is how it looks now

    As you can see, the mechanics (the man in blue on the right side) feet are missing!
    So I either make his feet a part of the header image and make the menu overlap or as I have done here, slice the header graphic and somehow put the the piece of graphic with his feet beside the menu tabs.
    I hope you understand the problem and I am sure it has a simple solution so please help.

    As a note: I am using the plugin “Dynamic Headers” to display different header images on the pages.


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  • Helloooo…. can someone please help?



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    might work if you stick a 32px wide strip to the bottom of your image (with the feet sticking out);
    and edit style.css to add this at the end:


    also, to make the code more valid, move this:

    <center><img src="" alt="front-header.jpg" title="front-header.jpg" /></center>

    to just before this line:

    <div id="wrapper" class="hfeed">

    You are my hero…Thank you very much.
    I knew it had to be a small thing but it meant a lot to my project.
    Again thank you very much.

    D. Carson

    I want to do essentially the same thing.. but this isnt working for me. I have a my logo positioned exactly where i want it above the menu… i just want it to sit right on top and have the “g” in one of the words drop down into the menu same as the original post. I’m using the Duster theme. My URL is any suggestions?

    RIght now, when i adjust padding it just pushes everything down and doesn’t enter the menu container.

    If you need to know… below is the code i’ve used, plus some css, to add the image. Im using the Duster theme.

    echo '<div id="top-image"><img src="http://example.png" /></div>';
Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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