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    Hi, how can categories of blog posts be listed in separate groups on a sidebar?

    For example, suppose a blog contains some posts about oranges, apples, and bananas, and, other posts about airplanes, boats, and cars…how could the sidebar to such a site have a widget titled ‘vehicles’ displaying separate individual category links for airplanes, boats, and cars…with another widget titled ‘fruits’ displaying separate individual category links for oranges and so on…

    for example, on this blogspot, it was just a matter of editing which specific keywords were displayed in link gadgets (for instance those on the left column titled Awesome, Featured Artists, Dream Enablers, etc):

    thank you (this is for a twentytwelve-child theme if that matters…)

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  • When you create a new category (or when edit) you can set anothr category as “parent category” of it, like in pages..

    You can read more about it in codex.

    If the categories are shown in a flat list or in nested lists depends of your template

    if you’re edition theme in a child theme to display categories take a look at this post on forum..

    sorry, really very sorry this is probably super easy but it just isn’t obvious to me…when I parent a category beneath another category it seems to appear within the parent’s numbered post count, and, is displayed with all the posts under the parent when the parent’s link is clicked upon – which is fine, but, that’s not really what I’m trying to achieve. (That’s about as far as I’ve gotten…)

    Is it possible to display categories in separate groups (without hand coding)?

    For example post keywords are grouped together on this blog:

    But the same keywords (categories in WordPress) are not distributed in groups, here:

    How can the categories in the WordPress blog be grouped like the keywords in the Blogspot blog? Thanks



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    Have you looked at category widgets? Don’t know if this will do what you want but looks possible:

    thanks WPyogi! sorry, should have checked more closely for a plugin, that’s exactly what’s needed, very grateful thanks

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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