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  • Ok so I’m asking the questions hundreds have asked before me.

    I want to make my header image clickable. I have read countless other tutorials and how to’s, but none seem to work. I have made my wordpress text image clickable, but can not seem to make my image clickable. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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  • Also it is in the mistylook theme.

    The header image is not an image..


    it’s a background…

    And there’s no link in the header…

    <a href=""> etc…

    Countless tutorials and not one showed you how to place a basic image and link into your page?

    Post if you get stuck..

    Basic image with link example:

    <a href="URL OF PAGE">
    <img style="border: 0;" src="LOCATION OF YOUR IMAGE"
    alt="alternate text" /></a>

    All the tutorials were about something slightly different. And you we right it is a background not a image.

    So I assume I should go into the header portion of design, but what should I change out for what?

    And thank you for the help.


    You need to modify header.php file of your current active theme:

    Change This Line:

    <h1 id-header>
            <a href=<?php bloginfo(''); ?>
            <? php bloginfo('name'); ?> </a>


    <a href=<?php bloginfo(''); ?>
             <h1 id-header>
                    <? php bloginfo('name'); ?>


    Shane G.

    Ok I did that and I defiantly did it wrong. That is what I have there right now. What do I change?

    <div id=”header” onclick=”location.href=’’;” style=”cursor: pointer;”>

    <h1>/” title=”<?php bloginfo(‘name’);?>”><?php bloginfo(‘name’);?></h1>
    <p id=”desc”><?php bloginfo(‘description’);?></p>
    </div><!– end id:header –>

    Anyone figure this out yet?

    Thanks a lot !

    I’m a Noob but thanks to You i made it ahahaha 🙂

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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