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  • Gone is the pencil icon that would allow me to set an image to Open in New Tab.

    How can I do that now in Gutenberg?

    I have a gallery of four photos, as a blog inside a larger page. When someone clicks on a photo, I want it to open in a new tab, not replace the page in the same tab.

    And in general, I would like to set basically every photo on the site to open in a new tab.

    Please advise.

    I have seen some sites where the photo expands into a window that floats on top of the page without completely filling it. That might be nice too, for the gallery, but I do not know if such sites were made with WordPress, or how to accomplish that if they are.

    Thank, you,


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  • Moderator bcworkz


    Select the entire gallery in the editor. In the block settings sidebar there is a sliding switch for opening images in a new tab.

    The window floats on top effect is usually referred to as a “pop-up window”. It has fallen out of favor due to past abuse. These days a “modal” is the preferred choice. This is where the larger image is still within the original window, but floats over other content and all but the larger image is grayed out. A modal isn’t limited to images, any sort of content is feasible. The original modal effect app for images was called “Lightbox”. There are all sorts of modal gallery variants these days, but the term “lightbox” persists as a generic term even though it really refers to a specific app.

    The default gallery doesn’t offer a lightbox effect. A developer could probably convert it to a lightbox, but most people use a different gallery plugin that offers the effect. The problem with using a plugin is you’d likely need to redo your galleries to get the effect.

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