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  • Is there a way where I can make some code that will integrate with the plugin such as a page I’m making allowing you to create your own controller. It will show options in pictures with name underneath of option and prices, then whichever option you click will bring down another set of options but I want the prices that show how much your controller is so far updated each time an option is selected. Is it possible or is there a plugin that can make it possible?

    Example: Create a Controller:
    Choose Controller Type:
    Xbox 360 Playstation 3 Nintendo Wii
    (Picture) (Picture) (Picture)
    (Price) (Price) (Price)

    I clicked Xbox 360 then another set pop underneath with price updated.

    Choose your Xbox 360 Shell Color
    Red Blue Black White
    (Picture) (Picture) (Picture) (Picture)
    (Price) (Price) (Price) (Price)

    And so on…

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