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    Hi there!

    I want to make all dropdowns bootstrap by default? The bare dropdown looks ugly and it’ll be great if I could turn it into BootStrap. How do I do this? I’m new to WordPress, could you please walk me through?

    I have Theme My Login plugin and wish to make the buttons like “Save my Profile” and “Login” bootstrap. Also the textboxes as well, with a white background and blue glow effect.

    By the way, you should release a premium version of this plugin to disable ads and all that clutter, a lot of people including me would gladly pay $5-10. 🙂

    If this gets solved I’ll personally donate. 😉

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  • Plugin Author Paul



    To get this effect in your theme, you just need to add certain Bootstrap classes to your component.

    For example, for a bootstrap button on a link, simply add:


    to your link anchor tag.

    You’re really going to need to check out the bootstrap documentation – it’s really clear and easy to follow:

    Just start experimenting.

    As for the ads, it’s just been brought to my attention that in some cases the button to hide the ad doesn’t work. Did you find this?

    Also, we have an option to remove the ads by supporting our core product, and actually getting a good service you might like. It’s not necessary applicable to everyone:

    I’ll look into why perhaps the button to hide the link isn’t working.


    Wow, I appreciate you taking the time for the amazing reply.

    I have a theme (CloudHost) that also has buttons, and when I set the class to btn I’m getting this button:

    Do you know how to fix this so that there’s no corruption?

    Plugin Author Paul


    It’s quite possible that the theme you’re using is also using the btn class to create styles, and they’re over-riding the styles provided by bootstrap.

    It this is the case, there’s not much you can do about that except remove those particular styles from your theme’s CSS.

    You could experiment with other themes too and see what results you get.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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