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  • This might seem stupid but I’m new to this. I finally got my blog set up but when I click on comments nothing happens. How is this supposed to work? I thought the default thing would be to click on “comments” and then you can post a comment?


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  • Have you changed any code at all ? Anything ?

    Well, I deleted and added some links. Does that count?

    Link to your site ?
    You could have code missing from your template.
    You could have a file missing from the theme.

    No, I deleted and added links to some categories. I wouldn’t think this would matter. How would I go about finding out what code is needed. Or should I re-install the theme?

    Try it with the default theme or the classic theme.
    If it works, the theme was broken.

    If it does not, it’s something wierd 🙂

    OK, Still doesn’t work with default theme. So I guess it’s something wierd? Can I fix something weird? Should I completely start from the beginning and re-install WordPress?

    For comments to just not work, yes that’s wierd.
    A reinstall is not needed.

    Delete everything inside the /themes directory. All of it.
    Upload new /themes files into it from a fresh download.

    Still doesn’t work after uploading fresh themes. I guess I’ll try a complete install, and then I guess I’ll give up on blogs for a while if that doesn’t work.

    Before you give up, drop us a link here ?
    And then before you give up, drop me an email and I’ll install it for you ?

    (You’ll not get away you know .. might as well give in easily 🙂 )

    OK, I completely wiped out the database and completely re-installed WP, just used the default theme and same thing happens. here’s the link: I’m pretty fried with this so thanks for your help.

    I’m not a programmer (I have only done very basic hacking JavaScript and some others) and there is just about zero wysiwyg editing for these themes. I would like to have a very simple blog that I could edit the sidebar to not have all these categories and links but I’ve already spent way to much time.

    Anyway, thanks very much for your help.

    Have you changed the permalink structure through the options tab of the admin interface? It’s possible that you have changed the structure but there is something wrong with the mod_rewrite on your server… ?

    The comments link of post #2 is pointing to:
    It should produce the equivalent to:

    But I’m not sure if this is something to do with mod_rewrite.

    I didn’t change anything with the permalink structure. I also made a new database and completely re-installed WP and still I get the same thing. If a complete re-install has the same results than I guess I’m screwed as far as WP goes?

    On your blogs general options, try changing your Blog address (URI) to

    OK, this almost works. It adds the “index.php” but with a “/” after it so I get “No input file specified.” error. If I take out the “/” then I go to the right place. What now?


Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 19 total)
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