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  • Hi, I have no idea if this works but I would like to set up a subdomain like or
    and use twentytwelve or other responsive theme.

    It would be great if the following could work:

    Someone on a phone or a tablet visit my site and then a window ask if they want the mobile version?
    If yes the will be redirected to the same post that they where searching but with the subdomain (mobile.) first
    If they say no then they should just continue to the post they wanted to browse.

    To the first thing I need to know is how to setup a subdomain that uses all the posts or is it the database? This one I need to get explained.
    Than is the issue with the redirect window and how to get them to where they were going and not to the homepage.

    First things first, is it posible to have a subdomain with all the posts i have but only with a different theme?

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  • I would recommend against this approach. It’s bad for sharing, creates a lot of work and introduces unnecessary friction and maintenance complexity. If you’re already using a responsive theme, why not stick with that and create a child theme that uses a lightweight device detection script (like the ones below) to determine if the visitor is on a mobile device? That way you have a baseline functionality that works for everyone and can add/remove/enhance as needed based on device detection.

    See for example:

    What exactly do you want to change for mobile/desktop users?

    Thanks you your input. I will consider other options after you advice. My theme is not responsive and ive looked into onwsipe and wptouch, not satisfying. Thanks again.

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