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  • On a sample page phone:
    The page itself –
    Subpages “Possibilities” –
    Subpage “Features” –
    For each phone model, these subsections of the same type.

    Question: What is the easiest to implement such a hierarchy?

    I guess as follows:
    – It is possible, and through the type of post, and you can create a type of fasting, and the data will be sub-meta-fields.
    – Just add query_var, such as “my-query”
    – The rewrite rules that appending /telefon/nokia-f98/info/ post will be equated with “nokia-f98” with query_var “my-query=info”
    – The template file moy_tip_posta.php consider whether, my-query, if so then displays the contents of the corresponding meta fields, if not then the page output.

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  • How about creating a hierarchical (so you can have children and parents) custom post type of “phones” or “products”.

    That way, those entries will behave as pages.

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