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  • I would like to create a list for my main page with my favourite music at the moment. I have something like this already, under ‘Ecoutez’, but since I’ve used the link option for this there is http added to each one, with the result that visitors don’t understand it.
    So how do make a normal, easy to edit, list that shows about 15 lines (or just a piece) of the total list.

    I hoped to make a page, and show a excerpt of it in the sidebar, but I did not find any info on that.


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  • Do you play your music in Winamp? If so, you can use the Blogamp plugin which displays the last “n” songs played in Winamp. I have customized the plugin to display the last 8 songs, but you can make it for any number of songs you want. It is in the sidebar of my site, if you want to see the output (although I’ve customized that also).

    Yeah, I know that. But that’s no good for me because I want the list to be displaying only new music. And when possible, other authors should be able to edit the list as well. So that’s why I’m searching for a static edit-it-yourself list.

    You have a couple of options. Using_Custom_Fields, you can set up your “mood” music with those examples. You could also use asides, which are explained in Adding_Asides to put posts in the sidebar which would highlight the music you are listening to, even with a link to an add to buy the music.

    There are also a variety of plugins that might help you. Check out

    Thanks it works great, the aside on the sidebar is perfect! I’ve tried to put the code in my is_home() tag, but something goes wrong with this line: <?php echo $post->post_excerpt ?>, I transformed to this: echo $post->post_excerpt;. echo is probably giving the problem here, so how do i deal with it?

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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