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    I am having difficulty connecting with the Sensitive parent theme.
    It displays: This child theme requires its parent theme, Sensitive.
    I have the Sensitive theme loaded and my style.css for my child is as follows:

    Theme Name:     Sensitive-Child Theme
    Description:    Child theme for Sensitive
    Author:         Carol
    Template:       sensitive
    @import url("../sensitive/style.css");

    With appreciation!

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  • Without a link to the site, no way to tell if it’s working or not.

    My site, which is in process, is locally hosted on my computer thru MAMP and doesn’t have a domain name other than localhost:8888.

    The display: This child theme requires its parent theme, Sensitive – is shown on under the Manage Themes tab on WordPress when my child theme is listed as the current theme.

    Also, when the theme is shown it does not have the correct styling. For example: no menu, no css styling, just images and text displayed in html order.

    With appreciation.

    That message is standard – it does not necessarily mean the child theme is not working.

    Theme settings and options are not transferred to a child theme – so those things like the menu you’ll have to redo. If there is no CSS, then there is a problem… But it’s hard to help without seeing the site.

    I did not know the message was standard as I had not experienced it with other child themes.

    I am sorry you can’t see the site but there is no CSS only html.

    My menu which is activated properly looks like this:

    • Home
    • About Us
    • Instructors
    • Location
    • Contact Us
    • Classes

    What is the name on your child theme folder? Is the file structure correct i.e. it’s inside themes folder (not inside the parent theme)?

    It is inside the themes folder. It is called sensitive-child. The sensitive theme is also in the theme folder and is right above the sensitive-child theme.

    Also, you were correct about the message – I did look back on my other child themes and it was there. I had not noticed the message before as I wasn’t trying to solve a problem.

    I appreciate your help in connecting my child theme to the parent theme’s CSS. Thank you.

    From what you’ve said and posted, it SHOULD work. But you could try removing the hyphen in the name – just in case. Also be sure you’ve cleared any caches on your site and browser. I suppose it’s possible that this theme has child theme problems – though I think WP.ORG themes are required to be child theme friendly.

    I renamed the folder sensitivechild. I also changed the style.css as follows. Cleared the cache and it still displays with the html structure. Thank you for trying to help me!

    Theme Name: sensitivechild
    Description: Child theme for Sensitive
    Author: Carol
    Template: sensitive

    @import url(“../sensitive/style.css”);

    I just installed the theme and made a child theme for it and it works fine – so there’s not an inherent problem with it. Maybe try reinstalling the theme and recreating the child theme? Are you using a regular plain text editor to create the file (and as what file type)?

    But before doing the above, try validating the CSS code – if you have any CSS errors that can nullify any CSS that comes after the error.

    I had the same problem yesterday.

    For me, I had to copy over all the folders that came along with the parent theme to my child theme and then everything showed up. Not the php files, just copy over all the folders and it should display.

    Not sure why I had to do it, but it started working for me once I did it.

    Thanks, WPyogi and ricem75, I will give those suggestions a try!



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    That’s totally the Wrong Way(tm) to create a child theme. See child themes.

    Actually, I just checked further and the menu CSS does not work in the child theme…it’s not picking up a bunch of the theme’s CSS…
    these files are not linked:


    @esmi – aren’t .ORG approved themes required to support child themes out of the box?



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    Actually that’s not one of the mandatory requirements – although I think I’ve tried to push for it before.

    I’m with you on that for sure – I was remembering this section – but evidently it’s “draft”:

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