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  • hello
    wondering how to get an existing webpage script to run in a wp single post??

    The script itself simply rotates a group of pics in random order on the existing website page…….
    I wish to redo this effect in a wp single post and so:
    wish to find wp equivelent folder/path relation/structure in wp

    webpage relation = this:

    A. make a folder, for instance: …/rotating image page

    B. make an index page for it and pop two snippets in it:
    1. <?php include(‘rotator.php’); ?> placed after ‘head’ and before ‘body’
    2. <?php some info about place images here ;?> placed in ‘body’

    1. myimages.ini (file)
    2. rotator.php (file)
    3. images (folder)

    Q: how can i repeat the set up…. the same relation structure, so that instead of the website page (index) showing the rotating images….
    I get a wp post (single post) showing the rotating images

    Thoughts would be great…. thanks very much

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  • Yeah I had the same problem. I wanted a custom look for just one page so I created a custom post type and edited the template of that. Worked great for me, but it’s probably not the best solution.

    Hi Florence
    Thanks for thought

    A custom style post sounds an interesting angle…. Am nosing at the wp template codes to see any possibilities…. havn’t worked out what to adapt yet,

    existing webpage has ‘head’ and ‘body’ on… index.php
    desired wp post is just ‘content’ (i think) on… single.php

    trying to think how the script would look for single.php instead of index.php


    Just try it out! Good luck!

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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