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  • Okay, much as I ADORE the look of the bare-bones Thematic theme (nah, I’m such a newbie-novice I would never begin to comprehend how to change it, but, whatev’!), I considered changing the look of my site yet again just to get a bit more color and visual interest going… Only prob with Thematic was so much white space… So, I settled on “Hanging” which you can see here:

    The only real issue with it is that gigantic header. I’ve switched the name of my site around before to fit the header, but I’d rather keep the name the same, not keep changing… (it’s been that name for 6 years now, and you know these things kinda become part of your life).

    I went into the files, found the stylesheet and tried to change what looked like the header, which was italic and something like 88px, wow! I made it half, 44px, tried it out but I don’t see any change! I’ve also been messing around with the Google API plugin but on this theme it isn’t having any affect at all…

    I hope I haven’t made a mess of things and can’t fix it without re-installing a fresh download of the theme…

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  • (Wish I could edit my posts here!)

    OK, other probs with that theme, firstly not all the graphics were loaded. Went back, found the theme again, tried to reload and reinstall. Not sure what’s happening but the same problems were showing up. AND some new ones, crazy things happening at the top nav bar area.

    So, I changed to Colchis as you will see at my link, it’s fine and I’m good. Nice layout, nice colors, everything more compact than before. But I’d still like to know how to change a huge header text if I run into the same trouble later…I’m sure I’ll go off switching themes again some day, as I like a ‘seasonal’ look…

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