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  • I need to make a magazines online with WP.
    I see several themes, but I’ve not understood how I can create the grid of the pages where I can put the title, the over title, the subtitle, the summary of the article and the extract of the same article.

    I’m searching for some plugins for show images and with the related text in different positions.

    Finally, and maybe this is the thing more important for my project, I need to give to author not a full page editor, but some fields where he/she can write the titles /summary / extract end the full articles.
    I cannot ask to authors to insert in the article the tag “Read more” because nobody do this and so my articles are always very long.

    Or I am able to publish only a predetermined number of words/characters, or the author must write in a filed a summary with a predetermined length.
    Obviously then I must be albe to publish it together with the over title/subtitle and the categories.

    I’m studying some WP based magazines, but I don’t see plugins for this work. It is seems that they publish the magazines working directly over the CSS but this is out of my possibility because the time and the budget are very little.

    Thanks in advance for the help and the suggestions.

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