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  • How do i access a custom template page in wordpress? Lets say that i want to access “index2.php” trough an ordinary link, how to do it?
    i want to display a page with navbar, header and footer, but with my own code inside the content, instead the posts, or a wordpress “Page”. It’s mainly because Pages do not display forms correctly, and I want to make something with a html form.
    (I not sure if this section is the best for my post, sorry)

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  • You are on the wrong track, sorry.
    Many users do such things, and in this way:
    You create a new Page Template and you put your html code/form/whatever in the template code.
    Then just create a new Page using that template (if it is comlete code) you don’t even have to type anything in the content. Just create the Page and you are done.

    I think I know what he means. I’m trying to do something similar. I’m trying to create a page that lists posts just like the index.php except using <?php// if (in_category('83')) continue; ?> to exclude a category. However, if you copy over index.php, add this line, and use it as a template – it wouldn’t work – it would still want to use it for a single page ‘entry’.

    Now you need to create a new static page and assign it to the new template.

    I did that, it just didn’t work. 🙁 I figured it out though, I didn’t realize you could use both ?cat=84 and ?cat=-83 in the URL.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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