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  • Hi everyone,

    I am trying to organize my site to make things simple for the user. The website is

    This is the example:

    In the music section tab, I have Albums(which has “We’ve Only Just Met” if you highlight your mouse over it). Inside of Albums after clicking on it, I would like to have an option to click on multiple categories (e.g. “We’ve Only Just Met”) for future use in case I put out another album, which would allow me to list my albums under the tab Albums, being more organized.

    I have tried a couple ways, (trying to use a post to redirect, and a page, but a page would not let me cause I can only use the categories a page has), but nothing has seem to be working.

    The reason I want to do this is for future use in case more albums come out, I can list them and stay organized.

    Am I doing this the wrong way, is there an easier way? — If not, how do I do it!

    Thanks (If I do not have enough info, ask and I will provide).

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