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  • At least here in the European Union, an increasing number of lawsuits seem to state that you need to obey the laws of the country in which the blog is accessed, as opposed to the laws of the country in which the blog is hosted, so in order to make a website legal, this poses a lot of extra problems.

    For example, if someone tries to access the blog from France, then you need to block images of buildings, unless the architect died more than 70 years ago, as the image otherwise violates the copyright of the architect. For example, images of the Scottish Parliament (by architect Enric Miralles, 1955-2000) or the Sydney Opera House (by architect Jørn Utzon, 1918-2008) need to be blocked in France because the architects died less than 70 years ago. On the other hand, the images shouldn’t be blocked in the United Kingdom or Australia since the British and Australian copyright laws state that photos of buildings <i>don’t</i> violate the copyright of the architect.

    Also, some lawsuits have concerned freedom of speech. For example, Yahoo was fined in the United States for violating French law which says that there is very limited freedom of speech for Nazi products because a Nazi product was offered for sale at Yahoo Auctions. Thus, I need to make sure that posts which violate laws on freedom of speech in one or more countries get blocked in those countries. For example, posts which criticise the Chinese government should be blocked in China because of the limited freedom of speech there, but the posts should not be blocked in other countries.

    I found this which allows me to block everything in a specific country, but that is too much: I only want to block photos of recent buildings in France (and in Belgium and in some other countries with similar laws) while displaying all other content in France, and preferably send out a “403 Permission denied” together with a placeholder image telling that French laws are stupid whenever someone tries to view an image of a building.

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