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  • The multi-byte characters (Japanse, Korean and etc.) displayed in WP 2.2 pages/post perfectly, but they don’t seem to work in WP 2.7 for me. Are there special steps required for displaying multi-byte characters in the pages/posts?


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  • Just a shot in the dark here, but is your 2.7 database and all the tables set to utf8 encoding?

    Thanks for your reply, figaro.

    The MySQL charset: UTF-8 Unicode (utf8), I didn’t do any tweaking either when using WP 2.2.

    Just to be sure, are both your database and tables showing utf8…see the screen shot at the link below. Also, make sure your config.php file is set to utf8.

    If you installed with an auto-installer, they are notorious for creating the db tables as latin1, so even if you didn’t do any tweaking before, it’s still good to check. Again, just a shot in the dark here…this may not be the problem, but it’s worth checking.

    You are right.

    The collation for all tables are set to “latin1_swedish_ci” except for wp_terms, wp_term_relationships and wp_taxonomy with “utf8_general_ci”.

    I am in the process of changing all fields of each table applicable from “latin…” to utf8_general_ci, is there a way to update a table just once instead of updating one field at a time?

    Thanks again.

    The quickest way is to dump the db, do a search and replace, then drop the tables and import your corrected sql file. However, just be aware, regardless of how you do this, it will not change the encoding of existing data in the database…that’s a far more complex process.

    It’s working now after I had manually replaced “latin…” with utf8_general_ci” for all fields of all tables. Thank you very much.

    However the Collation columns of the database for the tables still show “latin_…”, but the fields of the tables reflect the latest changes.

    When you are viewing your complete list of tables on the right in phpMyAdmin, click on the “Structure” icon under “Action”…should be the second icon. Then click “Operations” at the top and you should be able to change the table encoding there.

    Hooray! All fixed now. Thanks a million, Figaro.

    You’re welcome…glad you got it working.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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