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    If a user is registered as a subscriber, it can enter anywhere on the platform that is protected with login.

    Is that a normal behavior? How can then maintain a private site within the platform?

    Thanks a lot!

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  • By ‘platform’ you mean ‘network.’ It’ll help if you use the right terms 😉

    Yes, that’s normal behavior. All users belong to the entire network. If you want to restrict a site on your network to only the subscribers of THAT site, use a membership plugin.

    Yes sorry, I meant network 🙂

    Do you know a plugin I can use? I tried and made “private” my site but I still can log in and access as a network subscriber user.

    thanks a lot!!

    Ok, I tried a little more this plugin and you can manage profiles for each site (create and delete profiles) great! but it doesn’t let you disable the subscriber profile, strange. Maybe because is the basic profile.

    I disabled the read privilege for “subscriber”, but it does not work: I can see the site once I have registered as a network subscriber.

    I think this happens because the role “network user” doesn’t exist, and it is not the same as “subscriber site”.

    So all I want is a site, private, only subscribers can see the site, not network users. I will loof for some plugin.

    Thank you very much! I appreciate any suggestions!

    Are you logging in as YOU? You’re a super admin, and can do whatever you want.

    Yes, I log in as subscriber, not as a super administrator.

    I found this plugin More Privacy Options

    It does just what I need:

    Adds three more levels of privacy to the Options–Privacy page.
    Blog visible to any logged in community member – “Network Users Only”.
    Blog visible only to registered users of blog – “Blog Members Only”.
    Blog visible only to administrators – “Admins Only”.

    Thanks a lot!

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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