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  • It’s certainly a pity that the developer of this plugin decided to take the route of withdrawing functionality of this once excellent plugin. A better option would have been to cease development of the plugin and increase development of the premium version, without taking away functionality.

    Having just started up a new website, I had done a lot a research on some of the best anti-spam solutions. I chose Spam Free WordPress as it was a free plugin that I could use in order to test the viability of the new site. If it was a viable option, then I would have happily paid for a solution. Now, after updating my plugin as part of the site maintenance, I have found that I have an ugly password field (or two) on my comments form and need to now purchase a solution in order to return the previous functionality back on. This has left me with more work to do and an unsavoury user-experience for site visitors.

    The developer has certainly shot themselves in the foot, as I will definitely not be purchasing anything from somebody so unreliable and easily willing to make such drastic changes without concern for their customer base. I would worry what other actions this type of mindset would bring in the future, if they were willing to put so many people in a position where their websites lost functionality.

    Thank you for making my ultimate decision for me of whether to use your product on a more permanent basis.

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  • Plugin Author Todd Lahman


    If a small fee to get an even better solution is too much to ask of you, then let me be the first to thank you for not purchasing my premium product. I don’t want people who believe they should get something for nothing to be customers of mine.

    Anyone who uses the free plugin is not a customer, they haven’t paid for anything, and I have no obligation to support them, even though I did for free for 2 years.

    If you never bought anything from me, and you know how good my product is but still won’t buy from me, then I haven’t lost anything. I have however, avoided doing business with someone who expects something for nothing, and would probably do nothing but bitch and complain enough to make my life miserable no matter what I did. With that let me thank you again for sparing me what would be a bad experience dealing with a non-customer like you.

    I like the people I do business with, and provide the best service I can, but someone like you would leave me drained, since you would obviously never be happy.

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    Very interesting view.

    Todd Lahman – At least let me thank you for continuing to maintain the basic Spam Free WordPress plugin (I believe you are?) as it’s basic functions are all I need at the moment, especially the simple comment form protection which certainly beats the extremely annoying “captcha” method. Since my 7 year old WordPress powered site is still just a simple “blog” setup rather than than a full fledged CMS and not meant to be very popular (was never meant to be) I simply don’t need all the functions of “Simple Comments”. If I ever do I’ll be glad to pony up the dough for Simple Comments.




    I registered this account just to tell you that Todd. You have to be out of your mind to talk to people the way you are speaking to the 1-star reviewers.

    At a normal business the procedure is to figure out what the customer’s concerns are and then figure out how to address them.

    I wouldn’t give you two dollars for your software after seeing you whine your way through replying to every other 1-star review while you berate them for not giving you money.

    You’re acting like a baby. A big colicky QUACK! baby.

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    daedalus0x1a4 profanity

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