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  • Just to clarify–you want a public Dashboard that’s viewable without having to log in?

    Yes, I do.

    I think I found a plugin for that – it is not well known and I don’t know whether it’s reliable, but that’s what I mean to do.

    There are security concerns with this idea. Can you explain why you want to do this?

    Open demonstration for a custom theme with admin options.

    Apart from security concerns, if all users have admin access to your demo, some clever jerk will probably ruin the demo by changing some settings unless you really secure your installation. At best, they’ll change your theme/settings or upload images. At worst, they’ll hack your server or database. I would recommend screenshots as a better option.

    If you do insist on doing this, be sure you set your files to at least 644 and your folders to at least 755 on your host. Don’t allow write access to anything. I would also disable uploading through php. Also, only allow “select” access to the database. I’ve never tried doing it, but I think after the initial configuration, it should work–as long as you don’t ever need to post or change anything.

    That nologin plugin will probably work–it’s only 6 lines of code. Basically, it overwrites the wp_validate_auth_cookie() function, always returning true. You’ll note it says “only for local installations”, citing security concerns.

    Thanks for the tips – I have disabled all alterations and changes on the database and when ‘select’ is the only option, nothing harmful could happen – including uploads, insertion and others. So i find it acceptable.

    Also, there is another plugin named Hide Admin Panels – – that hides specific panels for the users. It could usually be deactivated, but it helps creating visual directions and when noone has write privileges, it cannot be edited as well. 🙂

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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